Team Members

  • All are to complete our ‘Return to Work’ questionnaire before recommencing work after the lockdown that includes Covid-19 related checks;
  • Prior to arrival at work staff will complete a Covid-19 Daily Health Check & act accordingly;
  • On arrival all team members will have their temperature checked and logged. Hand sanitiser is available and required for immediate use when entering the building;
  • All will be required to change into uniform/ appropriate workwear as soon as they arrive at work & personal clothing will be stored in individual lockers;
  • All will wear face masks at all times, adhering to the procedure for putting on a face mask appropriately;
  • All will wash their hands for 20 seconds at least every 30 minutes and use sanitizing gel prior to any interaction with each table and/or guest;
  • Disposable gloves will be used for all preparation & cleaning tasks;
  • There will be no physical contact such as handshakes permitted;


  • All suppliers are required to provide their procedures relating to Covid-19;
  • Deliveries will be processed in a designated area by team members who will wear gloves for the duration. They will then dispose of the gloves & wash hands;


  • We have changed the layout of the restaurant and reorganised tables to reduce the number of guests in the same area at only one time
  • Tables are set using disposable gloves & face masks;
  • All menus will be of single use and will be disposed of after usage;
  • Wine list iPad will be cleaned & sanitised, before & after each usage;
  • Guests are asked to strictly adhere to their booking times to ensure social distancing guidelines can be met;
  • There will be sanitiser available to use when guests arrive;
  • If guests wish to use the cloakroom facility a hanger & cover will be offered to them to hang their coat;
  • There will be no physical contact such as handshakes permitted;
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for all guests & team members throughout the room;
  • Team members will strictly adhere to their sections to minimise to one team member attending each table; occasional assistance of sommelier Or restaurant manager will be the maximum number of team members attending a guest
  • Napkins will not be touched by team members once they are set on the table until the table is cleared & will not be refolded when a guest leaves the table during their meal;
  • Before and after any interaction with guests that may result in a possible contaminated contact, such as clearing plates & glasses team members are required to wash/sanitise their hands thoroughly;
  • For the serving of water & wine, we will ask guests what their preference on service is. Should a guest prefer to remain with minimal contact the bottle will be left for the guest & topping up will not be done by the team member;
  • Guests will be asked to check with team members if the bathrooms are free to use and these will be cleaned and disinfected after each guest use by a team member in full PPE
  • Contactless and credit card transactions will be preferred over cash payments. Our credit card machines and bill folders will be sanitised before & after use;
  • When guests have finished their meal they may be asked to wait while other guests leave the restaurant to help with maintaining social distancing;